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When you’re looking for the perfect fit for a position, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. It’s vital to find a candidate that possesses all of the skills and experience necessary for success.

Potomac Partners is an employer solutions business that specializes in executive and management level recruitment services in accounting and finance. The majority of our clients are companies and businesses in the Washington DC area, but we also serve the entire State of Maryland and Virginia.

Since 2006, our ongoing goal is to provide the best executive search practices and employer solutions to our clients and candidates. Building on our combined 40 years of executive recruitment experience, we have created a firm with standards and ethics that are amongst the highest in our industry.

When it comes to employer solutions, Potomac Partners realizes your company faces a wide range of recruitment challenges – and in today’s changing economic environment, it’s crucial to make the right hire.

Employer Solutions that Last

There’s a great deal at stake when seeking a qualified candidate – it’s an investment in time and money. Our employer solution services are based on 40 years of executive recruitment experience, so you know you’ll be presented with potential employees who are top in their class.

Potomac Partners’ recruiters delve deep into the hiring process, identifying candidates that are more than good hires, they’re investments in the future of your company, whether it’s a pre-IPO or a Fortune 500 global company.

We’ve been successful because Potomac’s employer solution services are solution-oriented. That means we’ll locate the most qualified candidates in a timely manner. We accomplish this because we see ourselves as consultants for our job candidates. The better we know them, the better we can serve you.

In addition, our in-depth industry knowledge and subject matter expertise in the accounting and finance fields practically assures success. Our guarantee is that we will understand your company’s business, culture, and long-term goals to recruit the best quality candidates.

How We Work

When you contract with Potomac Partners, you’re getting more than a recruiter – you’re getting a partner that puts you and your company first. We’ll work with you first to identify the perfect candidate, and how he or she needs to fit into your business plan.

Our recruiters are well connected throughout the Washington DC area, and their professional reputations have created a pipeline of talented and skilled candidates. Our network also includes the entire State of Maryland and Virginia. We have built our employer solutions so you’ll be presented with candidates who have been selected by our team to compete for your open position.

After we select the top candidates, we’ll partner with your HR department and hiring managers to schedule interviews. Your contact at Potomac Partners will make sure all of the correct information has been provided so the interview process runs smoothly.

Whether you need a contingency or retained solution, Potomac Partners’ employer solutions process will furnish you and your business with a candidate who has the right attitude, experience, and acumen.

At Potomac Partners we want to work with you, and for you.