Human resources departments are flooded every day with tasks that must be completed – and hiring is usually high on that list. They’re charged with identifying the right candidates, screening them, and then presenting them for review to hiring managers. There’s also the added responsibility of ensuring fair and accurate review of resumes.

From a time management standpoint, reviewing hundreds of resumes can impact a department’s performance and productivity. In some cases, the investment of time to find and hire the right candidate is lost should that employee leave the company after a short period.

Potomac Partners’ consulting services are designed to help companies of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 – cut costs and enable the Human Resources department to dedicate their time to their other job responsibilities.

We understand the need for highly skilled, experienced and qualified professionals in the accounting and finance fields. Potomac Partners has provided businesses with the critical expertise needed in order to make the best business decisions for situations that ranged from fairly simple to highly complex.

Organizational design, risk assessment, change management and other sensitive areas require knowledgeable and experienced consultants. The Potomac Partners team can provide all that and more. We’ll act as your partner and guide at every level – from basic operations to the most advanced.

Our consulting services have been improved and streamlined over more than a decade’s worth of experience. We know what the real world demands of business are, and how they can be managed properly. Potomac Partners can install the right business practices that reduce the cost of doing business and improve internal controls.

Consulting You Can Count On

Before we can bring our resources and experiences to aid your operations, we have to become familiar with your internal processes, hiring practices, and other needs.

We realize that each business is different, and that’s why we listen to you and speak with key stakeholders. Our research team and professional networks have helped us become one of the premiere consulting agencies in the Washington, DC area. Potomac Partners can also conduct searches through the states of Maryland and Viriginia.

The members of our consulting practice have real-world experience that they bring to each of our clients. Potomac Partners has vetted each of these employees, so we know that the information they provide in their consulting roles will directly benefit our clients.

In addition to helping your human resources team recruit and successfully hire the right candidate, Potomac Partners can be brought on to outsource this process. We can submit our qualified candidates to your company for consideration, which speeds up the hiring process while ensuring the right candidate is offered the position.

Another option is to have our skilled consulting team act as your hiring department. After reviewing resumes, we’ll screen promising candidates and submit them to you. Potomac Partners can schedule virtual or in-office interviews for your staff. Finally, if required, our consultants can deliver the final offer package and assist with any negotiations.

An experienced, skilled consulting firm like Potomac Partners can make a significant difference to your company’s hiring operations. We know that understaffed or under-skilled businesses can struggle under the weight of hiring people who will make the right contributions to an operation.