Mark was born and raised in Falls Church, VA and received his BA from George Washington University and his Masters in Industrial Organization from George Mason University. His hope was to start out his career helping companies to make inroads in efficiencies and employee morale, but this was the early 90s and do to a downturn in the market most companies were looking to cut cost so sadly, he ended up concentrating on downsizing companies and letting people go from their positions. Although not what he wanted to be doing, Mark’s experience with this taught him much about the art of matching people with jobs, supporting both employees and employers, and leveraging people’s strengths and skills to produce the greatest productivity and best work environment possible. It also gave him great empathy for people who were needing to seek greener pastures. At the strong urging of his then girlfriend, now wife, Mark moved into a position where he could help people get and maintain jobs at PWC in New York, but found the role a bit lacking. Mark was introduced to Wasserman, Lane & Co. in White Plains, NY where he truly began his career as a recruiter focused on financial positions. Some blue-chip clients included Time Warner and Goldman Sachs. In addition to learning the ropes in Executive Search, Mark also credits his bosses at that time with teaching him true leadership as employers, with an excellent moral compass and positive and honest way of doing business. Although he loved the position, Mark and his wife wanted to move back to Washington, DC. In 1997, Mark began work at Grant/Morgan Associates, which was both a retained executive search and contingency search firm concentrating in accounting and finance. In 2006 Mark founded Potomac Partners with the goal of creating a company that focused on meeting the needs of clients and candidates in an efficient, effective and feel-good process resulting in the best employment matches possible.

Mark loves photography, traveling, and spending time with his wife and daughters. He is also a voracious reader and enjoys reading biographies and the classics.