Potomac Partners’ approach to contingency services is simple: recruit the best candidate for the hiring company in a timely manner. When partnering with us for a contingent search, you want to feel comfortable knowing that not only will we be able find the perfect candidate, but we will walk you through the search and hiring process.

Whether you’re a growing local business or a Fortune 500 company, Potomac Partners can work with you. For close to two decades, we’ve specialized in the fields of accounting and finance and we’ve built long-lasting relationships within the industry and community. You can be sure that the talent you hire is experienced and knowledgeable.

Our Candidates

Our first step in this process is making sure that we have a talented pool of professional job seekers. Thanks to our networking capabilities and our reputation in the Washington, DC area, our recruiting team can quickly and accurately present you with the right candidates for your review. In the past we’ve conducted national and international searches for our clients – we can do the same for you.

It’s important to us that we get to become very familiar with our contingency candidates. Our recruiters and their teams go far beyond a cursory interview and resume review. They ask the right type of questions of our candidates, and work hard to determine exactly what a candidate is looking for in a job, and in a company.

Knowing our candidates, and staying in touch with them to ensure their information is timely, helps Potomac Partners offer contingency services that are among the top in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. Our experts can also conduct national and international searches if required. We won’t overwhelm you with multiple candidates; instead we supply you with top-tier talent for you to choose from.

Contract Negotiations

You may associate contingency recruiting with only the search aspect, but in reality, it’s a small part of the process. The key strength of our firm is not only recruiting exceptional professionals and executives to work for your company, but also precisely navigating the most difficult process of executive recruiting: negotiating the candidate’s offer and doing everything to ensure the offer will be accepted.

We know the human dynamic and the many considerations a candidate has to review when making a critical career decision. At Potomac, we approach this stage as a consultant to the selected candidate. We want to make sure he or she has thoroughly reviewed the offer, and has asked all of the right questions.

That’s why working with one of our talented executive search consultants helps you to hire the right candidate. Not only do our consultants submit the best potential candidates for your position, but they also bridge the gap between employer and employee when it comes time to negotiate.

Choose Potomac Partners for Your Contingency Recruitment Needs

Potomac Partners has spent close to two decades negotiating employment contracts, comforting candidates during relocation conversations and navigating compensation packages with outstanding results.

Choosing the right contingency recruiter requires an investment in your time and money. You want to find the type of partner who has your best interest in mind, along with the candidates they will present to you. Potomac Partners is ready to help you with your contingency hiring needs.